(Semi) industrial bakery

(Semi) industrial bakery

(Semi) Industrial bakery


Helping our customers with healthy growth and assisting them in their demand for the latest trends is what Wouters stands for!

High-quality products

The current markets within the bakery sector are changing very quickly. Many customers are evolving towards larger and more industrial applications that require different raw materials and knowledge. Together with our suppliers, our R&D department is always on the lookout for the latest developments in order to achieve high-quality products.

Latest innovation

With our unique and flexible production system, we can assist our customers in developing customer-specific products. These products are tailored to the requirements of our partners.

Fast and efficient customised developments are Wouters’ strengths. The products can be in powder, paste, or liquid form.

Wouters always monitors the market for packaging and dosing equipment in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible dosing methods and forms of packaging. In addition, Wouters provides application and technological advice via the test bakers and the R&D department. Together, we look for the right solution for the optimisation of the end product, via the ingredients or the baking process.

The Wouters team is ready to develop the latest innovation for and with our customers.