Production facilities

Modern and flexible


The mixing, crystallisation, and packaging of oils and fats is Wouters’ specialty. We have a modern and flexible production site with numerous mixing and packaging possibilities for this purpose.


Wouters has three modern mixing stations and filling lines for the packaging of solid fats, oils, margarines, and bread improver pastes. A fourth mixing unit is used for the production of powder improvers. Mixtures can consist of only oils and fats, but we also produce products with a water phase (margarines), or complex products such as bread improvers (including emulsifiers and dry matter). An antioxidant and/or an anti-foaming agent is often added to oil mixtures, usually of natural origin.

The physical forms can be solid (deep-frying fats), liquid (oils), pastes (bread improvers), liquid (improvers, pumpable shortenings), or even powdered (bread improvers, patisserie mixes).

The forms of packaging vary from small (jerrycans, American boxes with bags, wrap-around boxes, cans, bag-in-box) to larger (drums, liquabins, and IBCs), and bulk trucks.

All mixing installations and packaging lines are controlled from a central control unit that controls the PLCs. The parallel ERP package ensures perfect identification, stock management, and traceability of the finished products.

Two PLC-controlled crystallisation machines give improvers and shortenings the right texture, scoopability, and viscosity.

The mixing stations, crystallisation machines, and packaging lines are set up in a very flexible way so that many combinations of mixtures and packaging forms are possible. Centrally controlled valve panels ensure that there is no contamination between the lines.
Because the lines can be rinsed perfectly and contamination is excluded, we are also able to offer segregated palm, Organic, and Kosher products.

Wouters not only produces stock products under the ‘Wouters’ brand but also a large number of customised products for (semi-)industrial customers. We work very flexible here, but with clear agreements regarding minimum quantities and timing regarding delivery and purchase contract.