Logistics and warehouses

Flexible and correct


Wouter guarantees flexible, punctual, and correct FIFO deliveries from the central warehouse in Lokeren. Our drivers and warehouse employees provide a perfect service.


Wouters has its own proactive, flexible, and correct delivery service that strives for punctual and ‘Just in Time’ deliveries.

The management and planning are in the hands of our logistics planner, who searches for the most efficient solution adapting to the customer’s needs.

We have a fleet of trucks that can be used for bulk deliveries from 3 to 28 tonnes, as well as for pallet and detail deliveries.

Weight checks of incoming and outgoing loads are carried out on our own weighbridge.

The entire logistics department works according to the strict FSSC, HACCP, and FCA procedures.

Wouters guarantees flexible, punctual, and correct delivery.


The Wouters warehouses can accommodate over 1,400 finished product pallets and 200 IBCs. In addition, Wouters also has a separate refrigerated room that can accommodate some 180 pallets of finished product. This cold room is kept at a constant temperature of 10°C to 12°C, giving us the opportunity to crystallise specific products faster and better.
The warehouse was equipped with state-of-the-art location management in 2019 and guarantees a perfect FIFO process.
The brand-new picking line, introduced in 2019, guarantees complete and flawless order picking.
Our team of experienced warehouse employees provides a perfect service.