LIPA Family, a family of companies, with a diverse range of job openings


We focus on local employment, with room for personal development, within a structure where mutual respect and collegiality are central.

A family of companies

Wouters is part of LIPA Family. At LIPA Family, the sum is much more than just the parts. Wouters and its employees belong to a family of 200 motivated employees spread across 11 companies at 8 locations.

Space for personal development

Skilled employees and rapid information exchange ensure that our customers can always count on professional advice and a short turnaround time.

Strong local anchoring

We are committed to the long-term employment of local people to create wealth in the communities in which we operate. Unlike multinationals and corporate companies, where decisions are sometimes taken very far from the Belgian reality, we always maintain short and open lines of communication with our employees, with room for input and initiative.

Fascinating and diverse job openings

We offer a fascinating range of job openings, from drivers, commercial and administrative employees, workers and warehouse employees, to technical employees in logistics and laboratories. Thanks to our family of companies, there are also opportunities for growth across the branches.