Introduction to the company

Creative with oils and fats


Wouters develops, produces, and sells a wide range of products for various target groups. The binding factor is the creative way in which the main ingredient, oil and fat, is handled.

Our customers and target groups

  • Artisanal bread and patisserie bakeries
  • Semi and industrial bakeries, biscuit industry, and confectionery
  • Chip shops, catering, and industrial kitchens (via food service wholesalers)
  • Food and related industries

Our products

  • Bread-making products (pastes, liquid enhancer, and powders)
  • Raw materials for bakeries
  • Blends based on vegetable oils and fats
  • Vegetable ghee and butter mixtures
  • Frying oils and fats
  • Oils and fats for the food industry
  • Shortenings
  • Oil and grease mixtures according to our customers’ specifications

Co-packing and co-manufacturing services

We also offer our industrial partners a co-packing and co-manufacturing option.