A century of waking up for bakers.


Wouters has been active for almost 100 years as a producer of raw materials for bakeries and fats. Since then we have always been ‘waking up for bakers’.

1927 Founding of Wouters NV by Mr. Wouters, specialising in raw materials for bakeries. The company was based in Antwerp.

1988 Founding of Granimex NV by the Van den Berghe family. Granimex packed and distributed animal fats for human consumption.
Granimex was based in Bavegem (Wetteren region).

1990 Expansion of the production capacity at Granimex NV for the filling and packaging of vegetable oils and fats. Introduction of the ‘Larbel’ (lard), ‘Fribel’ (beef fat), and ‘Palmax’ (palm) brands.

1994 Acquisition by the Van den Berghe family of Wouters NV company.

1997 – 2000 Construction of a new production site for Granimex NV and Wouters NV in Lokeren, E17 industrial zone. Installation of filling lines, mixing units, and packaging lines for liquid oils, powders, and fats and further development of bread improvers in paste and powder form. The site was fully HACCP, FSSC (formerly ISO), and FCA-certified.

2004 Entry of the 3rd generation of owners. Jan and Wim Van den Berghe took over the shareholding and the helm of the family business group LIPA Family.

2012 Granimex and Wouters are merged into Wouters NV.

2014 The ‘Patisco’ range strengthened the products for the patisserie industry.

2014 Introduction of mixes for branded breads such as ‘Délipure’ and ‘Pain Arthur’

2018 The packaging of the bakery range was renewed. A new bagging line for powdered bread additives was also put into use.

2019 Investments are being made in a state-of-the-art bag-in-box line for the packaging of oils.

2021. On April 30, the Wouters activities were split. The oils and fats activities were sold to Remia CV. The bakery activities and the company Wouters NV were taken over by the Royal Zeelandia Group.