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Packaging possibilities

In the table below you will find the standard packaging possibilities that Wouters is able to offer the Chip Shops, Hotel and Catering Establishments and Institutional Mass Catering Establishments. We will be more than happy to work alongside you in order to look into and find the best solutions to meet your needs.

Oils (liquid/semi-liquid/specialities)

  • HDPE drums 10 & 20 litres
  • Metal cans 25 litres
  • Ringbox (can-in-box) 15 litres
  • Plastic bucket 10 & 15 litres
  • CRUZER 300 litres
  • IBC-container 1.000 litres


  • Boxes 10-12,5-20kg (bag-in-box)
  • Slabs 2,5kg (box 4x2,5kg)
  • Plastic buckets 10kg to 25kg

Margarine Vegetable ghee

  • Slabs 2,5kg (box 4x2,5kg)
  • Boxes 10-12,5-20kg (bag-in-box)
  • Plastic buckets 4kg to 25kg